Frequently Asked Questions

1. What equipment will I need in my home?

A trained Audio Visual Gurus technical/sales representative will visit your home or site to assess your needs and advise on what system will suit your home and specific needs.


2. What is the best stage of building to contact us and get us involved?

We need to get involved as soon your plans have been approved by the council. This is to ensure the planning and placement of points and conduit pipes are all correct for the system you requireand . If you are renovating the same applies, as soon as plans are approved we need to get involved. The infrastructures layout and pipes are crucial for a smooth installation of phase 1.

Phase 1: (Installation happens at the beginning of your project). This phase includes the design of the infrastructure and the installation of the wiring solution.

Phase 2: (Installation happens around the time when ceilings are installed) This includes the wall and ceiling fittings. Examples are: Keypads, In-ceiling speakers, WAP’s (Wireless access points) and brackets. We ensure that the speaker placement is correct in every room and that all connections are sound and working.

Phase 3: (Installation happens at the end of the project)We will install all the hardware and equipment at this stage. All the programming and setup will be completed and system will be tested and handed over.


The three phase program ensures that you have a steady cash flow during your building project and that we supply you with the latest models and equipment in the 3rd phase. No building project goes exactly as planned and we know this. Therefore we are able to adapt according to your requirements and provide you with an end result that pleases you.


3. Can I have multiroom audio in a ready built house?

Yes you can. There are wireless systems available that don’t use a keypad. The system runs from an app on your smart phone or tablet and is very user friendly. What’s great about the wireless system is even your guests can link to it and play their music through your system.


4. Can you provide us with a full solution for our cinema needs?

This is what we specialize in and offer many services and products for your cinema. We work together with your architect, interior designer and electrician, thus providing a full turnkey solution. Amazing state of the art audio and display equipment, automation and lighting control are some key features that we provide. Our designers will furnish you with a 3D rendering of your room, thus giving you the best understanding of the look and feel of the space, letting you see the placement of seating,equipment and acoustic treatments and fixtures.Custom features, like seating, acoustic panels, aesthetic wall treatments, starlight ceilings and 3D accents are all manufactured to your unique specifications, making your cinema room a one of a kind installation.


5. Is it necessary for me to have a wifi network installed at my home?

A Wi-Fi network is needed because todays audio visual products need to talk to each other to work to their full capacity.  Smart TVs let you enjoy apps, surf the web and stream internet videos from the comfort of your couch, but you need a stable home Wi-Fi network to do so. Other devices such as the Denon receivers have an app that you download to your tablet or smart phone and then stream music straight to the device from anywhere in the house that there is Wi-Fi signal. Control your multi room audio system from your smart device and choose what when and where you listen to your music.


6. Can I watch my HD channels in HD  quality throughout my house?

Yes you can. We offer HD distribution solutions that change the HD signal into a data signal and then covert it back to HD at the TV where it is to be viewed.


7. Why would I need home automation?

This is something for everyone, imagine having your homes functions at your fingertips. Close curtains and turn on lights while you are out or running late. Remotely log in on your smart phone and view your CCTV footage and see what is going on at home. Turn on TV’s, sound systems, Geysers and irrigation from one app, and one user friendly interface. Our home automation solution works by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together.


8. Terms and Conditions

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