We provide home owners with the best advice regarding technology and audio visual related topics. Our professional system integrators will assist with complicated designs on home theatres, multi-room audio and home automation.

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How we approach your project:

    1. Meeting us: We introduce our company, people and products to you and your architect or builder


    1. Demonstration: We are able to then demonstrate the suggested solution at our showroom, and explain how it all works.


    1. Plans: Using your working drawings, we are able to draw up plans of the required solution, this includes a full wiring solution for smart homes as well as multi-room audio systems and HD distribution . Once the wiring infrastructure is designed and implemented, one can install almost any system and add on at a later stage.


    1. Site Visit: Our team will come to site and check the buildings progress, as to plan for the installation. We work hand in hand with your appointed site manager. Thus providing project management for the automation system, sound and network products that are to be installed in your home.


    1. Implementation and installation: We install all wiring and equipment using our unique 3 phase system of supply and installation. Please see below for the 3 phase system breakdown.


    1. Hand over: We only hand over the project when you are 100% satisfied. We provide training on all equipment installed and make sure that you have a good understanding of how your system works and operates . Although all of our equipment is user friendly and easy to use, we still believe in going over the operations and use of the equipment to get maximum use out of your system.


  1. After sales support: We offer full after sales support and service like no other. All of our clients are extremely satisfied. Please have a look at the numerous testimonials as proof thereof in the Testimonial section of this website.


Our Three Phase Program:

Phase 1: (Installation happens at the beginning of your project)

This phase includes the design of the infrastructure of the entire smart home wiring solution. We are able to provide an infrastructure that will be able to cater for the most advanced systems on the market. This will allow you to choose an entry level system in the beginning, but upgrade to something more advanced over a period of time. It also means that we do not ask you for a HUGE deposit right up-front. You have more capital to tackle your building project and we build up a relationship in the initial stage of your building project.

Phase 2: (Installation happens around the time when ceilings are installed)

This includes the wall and ceiling fitments. Examples are: Keypads, In-ceiling speakers, WAP’s (Wireless access points) and brackets. We ensure that the speaker placement is correct for every room and that the connections are proper and working.

Phase 3: (Installation happens at the end of the project)

We will install all the hardware and equipment at this stage. All the programming and setup will be completed and system will be tested and handed over.

The three phase program ensure that you have a steady cash flow during your building project and that we supply you with the latest version of the equipment at the end. No building project goes exactly as planned and we know this. Therefore we are able to adapt according to your requirements and provide you with an end result that pleases you.

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